Sheltie pups at four days of age. Pups this young just eat and sleep and they do crawl around a bit. They also love to cuddle with each other, as they do not regulate their body heat at this early age, so cuddle for warmth and comfort! The minute mom comes in they know she is there and they start to crawl around in search of her.

A few of our past puppies!!

By the time the pups  are three weeks, they are on their feet, barking and playing and so darn cute! I play the radio for them so they get used to noises and voices other than ours.  We have added several baby toys for them to get used to.  Every time we walk by the puppy pen we stop and talk to them and hold them.  The more handling from now until 8 weeks the easier it is for them to adjust to their new homes.

They visit new rooms in the house every day. It is important that they are exposed to new environments every day. Even though it is just different rooms and surfaces in the house that is exactly what they need. We work hard with socializing and exposing them to new things every day. When they are ready for their new homes they will be well adjusted.

One book I recommend that is very helpful when bringing a new puppy home is "How to raise a Puppy you can Live with!!




Page updated March 10,2019

Once they hit three weeks of age they become very inquisitive and want to explore, not walking yet but sure trying. When they are this age we put a small cat tunnel into their pen and they love scooting in and out of that. At this age they start on soft food, either baby cereal or mushed up dog food. As weeks go by they will go from a mush to soft chunks and then by seven weeks will be able to eat dry food. At four weeks you can see the personality develop. By the time they are 7 weeks, they are eating well, learning to go alone to a room or in a crate, have explored the whole house. They get used to being brushed and of course have had their nails cut every week since birth. At eight weeks they will go for their first shots and get a health certificate from the vet.

At this age we can usually pick out the pups that have show promise and the ones who will be awesome pets. We are able to measure them and get an idea of how they will grow and if they will be small or tall. At this age their little brains are like sponges and just soak up all the training you can give them. They catch on quick and retain what you have taught at this age through out their lives.

Sheltie pups are quick and bright and they are a joy to train. The last pup that I kept was house trained within four weeks.  She leash trained in one day, especially if you use a really enticing treat.

Once pups leave our home and go to you we are available for any questions that you might have and are there to help you out through out the dogs entire life.  The reason we have in our contract that you are to return the dog to us at any age or for any reason is that we want to keep track of all our puppies and can help in finding them new suitable homes. No questions are foolish. The best way to solve a problem is to ask the question and we will work on it together.

We want the puppy and you to have a pleasant experience and to be companions for the life of your dog.